Problem: Build a Standalone Application in Matlab with Module Connector

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  1. Sven

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    I work with the X4M03 Module and Matlab. On the base of the matlab example "XEP_X4_plot_frame.m", I built a GUIDE GUI and everything works fine. The next step is to build a Standalone Application using Matlab Compiler. The GUI as itself works, but the ModuleConnector.Library makes problems. I localized the error in this section because of a path problem:
    if ~isdeployed
    % Load the library
    Lib = ModuleConnector.LibraryCompiled;
    As you can see I changed the Library to LibraryCompiled as described in the header.

    1. Question: Is there an error in this section? Or do I have to adapt something in the code?

    Furthermore, I have no idea how to use the Application Compiler for XEP Applications:

    2. Question: Which files i have to add where in the Application Compiler? Is it neccesary to add files in the section "Files installed for your end user"?
    I tried dozens of combination but nothing works. If you have an example, it would be really nice.

    Thank you. Regards, Sven.
  2. Charlie Shao

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    Hi Sven,
    Sorry for your struggling, I am afraid you have to get support from Matlab. I can only give you some hit s about Matlab Module Connector library from our side, basically, it is a wrapper for Module Connector C++ library. I am not sure if Application Compiler works in this situation. You need to read Application Compiler document and try to find examples similar to your case.