Presence detection in a multi-room house

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    I wish to monitor 1-2 persons in a multi-room house and determine whether they are OK. They would normally be elderly and not moving a lot. Are any of the systems applicable for this application? I know I will need to add other sensors but considered UWB being the basic monitor. I have concerns about range and multiple targets. Could you use more than 1 detector in the same house?




    Hi Peter Grey,
    The first thing to consider in this project is what type of parameters (health care ? activities ? etc...) are you going to monitore on those elderly persons ? Are those persons in different rooms ? In the same room ? What are rooms dimensions ?
    According to the anwsers, you can read Xethru solutions and see if you can find what you are looking for.
    For multiple sensors working in the same room, yes it is possible, but first you have to be sure that you really need more than one sensor per room.
    It is also possible to develop your own custom sensor with X4M03 radar development kit, datasheet information and XEP (Xethru Explorer Protocol) open source.