PCB file of X2_R661 and X4A02

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    In our project, we brought X2_R661 and X4A02 Evaluation Board through Laonuri.

    They promise to give X2_R661 and X4A02 PCB file and Antenna PCB files.

    But they don't have these files.

    They said, we ask for Novelda

    Can you give me a file?
  2. Dear Sung-Chul,
    please send me an email on bjoern.aage.brandal ... xethru.com with some more details about your company, your project, exactly what files you are seeking, and why you would need those files and I will help you.

    Best regards
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    hello...it works with Gerber files from virtually every CAD tool in the industry. Gerber file format is a general purpose geometric information interchange format used as a defacto standard for PCB designs. Not every tool generates Gerber files in the same manner.

    pcb price
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