PCB antennas performance degradation

Discussion in 'Radar Antennas' started by Davide Bongiovanni, Apr 21, 2017.

  1. Davide Bongiovanni

    Davide Bongiovanni New Member

    I have been working on the X2M200 module for awhile now. I initially purchased two of them in January for redundancy and started working on one. I recently tried out the one that has been sitting in the sealed plastic bag and noticed that the response was different. Is it possible that the exposure to the atmosphere has degraded the PCB antenna performance over time? If so, how could it happen? Is there some relevant reading I can do about this?
  2. Bart Plovie

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    Moisture definitely causes a shift in the dielectric properties of some types of PCB material. That shift might affect the properties of the antenna or transmission lines. Baking over night in a convection oven at 80 -100°C can significantly reduce the moisture content, though it might cause some degradation of other electronic components. A slightly safer method might be to stick the PCB in a vacuum chamber for a while.