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Discussion in 'Chips+Salsa' started by LDBM, May 18, 2016.

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    Is there an orderly software sequence to power down both the radar (Cayenne) and BBB ? Once the radar Object is closed, I usually power down BBB via the on-board button. I'd rather, if available power down via software. BBB could be power down using "shutdown -h now" via Matlab (SSH connection established) I am assuming. Is there any consideration in doing so instead of using the power button? Same for software reboot, can it be done safely for the radar board Should the radar be powered down before BBB with the radarlib NVA_PowerOffRadar command first, ?
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    Yes, orderly would be to close the radar object, power down the radar chip, then use the shutdown command to cleanly and securely power down the BBB. Right now, there are no hooks to power down or reboot the BBB from MATLAB; however, you can power down the radar chip by toggling the EN_RDR_PWR pin directly (P8-26).

    However, in most cases powering down the BBB using the power button is ok, and there is really no need to power down the radar first. Last, the command NVA_PowerOffRadar does not apply to the Salsa dev. kits (legacy function for the old Novelda dev. kits).

    However, I will put in a request for implementing a clean shutdown in MATLAB, as they are nice capabilities to have.