NVA-R661 control using Matlab

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  1. smrkang

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    I use the NVA-R661 development kit to measure distances and detect people using MATLAB.

    I have a few questions about setting the MATLAB API and Tx frequency.

    First, In the demo code provided by "Novelda Radarlib3 Matlab Sample Script". there is some code written like Variables('AveragingFactor') = 5;

    So, I think I can write to the X2 register in that way.

    However, I can't find variable names that I can use in the script, and there is a difference in variable names between "Novelda Radarlib3 Matlab Example Script" and Datasheet such like "AveragingFactor" and "Iteration"

    Also, I can't match the variable name between the script and an Overview paper named "Novelda Nanoscale Radar API Overview" and there is few variable document for NVA_R661 in Overview document like under picture.


    So can I get a datasheet composed of variable tables that can be used in MATLAB for R661?

    Second, how can I use an Action trigger such as MeasureALL API, in a matlab script?

    In case of writing register, I always use

    Variables('FrameStitch') = FrameStitch;


    varlist = keys(Variables);

    or in case of reading register,


    However, I can find the example of action trigger.

    Third, There is a strange result when modifying the PGselect register.

    In the following example,


    The higher the Tx frequency, the smaller the amplitude of the signal.

    According to the X2 data sheet, it is understood that setting the Tx frequency higher causes the Tx power to drop.

    However, the result of my signal is too low to be detected.

    So, when you modify the TX frequency, are there any additional registers to set such as the sampling delay?

  2. brendon

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    I agree, I'm presently confused as well! From Radarllb3.pdf 17.3.1

    Implies PulsesPerStep and AveragingFactor the same thing, yet I can read either from the API, though only set PulsesPerStep. I can also set them to different values and they read back as different. Its quite ambigious...
  3. hyungil kang

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    The third question is solved. It was an antenna bandwidth problem. However, if you have a tip when controlling the PG select register, tell them about it.