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Discussion in 'Respiration Sensor' started by Lovexethru, Sep 29, 2017.

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    I just tried the new Windows XeThru Explorer 2.5.2 with the X4M200 1.3.1 firmware update to get the breathing pattern. All works great so far. In my early tests this new value seems to start/end when the RPM value starts/ends and AFAIK that is as designed only happening when the movement is 'slow' enough. Not sure the details. Is there any way to ask for immediate breathing pattern values via an API?
  2. Olav Liseth

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    The breathing pattern is only output when the person is still, the sensor is in breathing state and the signal quality is good enough.

    The breathing data is available in float XeThru::RespirationData::movement (ModuleConnector-win32_win64-1.4.2/doc/html/class_xe_thru_1_1_respiration_data.xhtml). You can read this message with the function:

    int XeThru::X4M200::read_message_respiration_legacy(RespirationData * respiration_data)