Multiple Antenna Radar Kit from Xethru

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  1. yu_rong

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    Dear XeThru Community Members:

    Does XeThru have plan to add Multiple Antenna Single Chip Radar kit to current product line? Any news?
    We are of great interest in this kind of radar sensor. We will be the first to get it (may be several), if so.

  2. Hi, the X4 chip supports MIMO configuration but currently we have no specific plans on introducing generic kits with multiple antennas. Basically we dont see enough requests for it, and the ones who ask usually have such specific requirements that it would be a custom design anyway. We do however have partners that can help you with custom multiple antenna designs.

    It would be very interesting to hear from both you and our other fellow users here on the Community on what kind of applications you see the need for multiple antennas. Could you explain a bit more about your application and the multiple antenna requirements?
  3. yu_rong

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    Hi Bjoern:

    I am a university research assistant @ US. Our lab has a strong background in MIMO Radar, RF convergence: Radar and Comms. We also care about using small scale radar to different applications, micro-Doppler signature characterization and remote health monitoring, and so on.

    The reason I asked about the multiple antenna kit in the first place because we had very good experience using X2 and X4 dev kit. We successfully built real-time vital sign monitoring system and have very promising results so far.

    As for your question for the potential applications of the multiple antenna radar sensor, we are of great interested in followings
    -- Improved SAR imaging
    -- In door presence detection and localization (using a single MIMO UWB sensor instead of at least 3 SISO UWB sensor)
    -- Multiple subject vital sign detection and tracking
    -- Drone detection and tracking
    In general, the more transmitter and receiver we have the more degree of freedom we have. We can apply more advanced signal processing techniques.

    Right now, we are looking for something like "MIMO X4 dev kit". Can you share some information about the customization?

    Thanks so much.
  4. Thanks for the details Yu Rong. As we have no immediate plans of developing an X4 MIMO kit it means you would have to do your own MIMO design based on multiple X4 chips. Or alternatively contract one of our partners ( to do such MIMO design for you.
  5. Tim Davies

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    I would like to build an imaging array with them and stream the raw data from each. I would want to pulse on one and listen on many ( 32) . I would use a version of synthetic aperture imaging.
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    Is it possible to design our own antenna and use it instead of the supplied antenna ?
  7. Graham Conran

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    The folks at (Novelda Partner) do a lot of antenna design and they are vey familiar with Novelda chip set.
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