Multi Radar System

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  1. Basil Brunner

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    Hi Olav

    I have built a multi radar system with three stand-alone X4M05-modules, which are controlled by a external microcontroller over SPI. So one module is measuring a radar frame, afterwards the second modules measures a radar frame and finally the third module measures his radar frame. This works very well.
    Now I want to "synchronize" my three X4M05 modules, so that I can send with one module and receive with all three at the same time. I don't want to do beam forming, so the synchronization hasn't to be very accurate. Because the pins F6 (IO5) and F7 (IO6) of the X4-chip aren't connected to anything on the X4SIP02-board, I can't implement the application note from the X4-datasheet.
    My idea now is, that I connect all IO1-pins of the three X4-modules together and I run all three modules in the transceiver-slave-modus. My microcontroller will generate a short pulse on the IO1-connection to start capturing a radar frame on all three modules. Because only on one module the TX-power is set to "Medium" (on the other two modules the TX is turn off), I could send with one module and receive with all three.

    Is my idea a possible solution to synchronize the three X4M05-modules? Or won't it work, because in the transceiver-slave-modus the chip will disable / bypass the PLLs and therefor the receiver won't have a clock?

    Thanks for your help

    Best regards Basil
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  2. Emre SARI

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    Thanks, Basil, for the question.
    That's an interesting question that I would love to hear the answer of.
    Please share if you found a solution for your problem. I would love to hear.