More clarification needed on the X4M200 Chip in terms of limitations and respiration

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    My purpose in using the X4M200 chip is to monitor sleep respiration to determine the number of apnea events occurring per night to validate a non-invasive apnea reduction device.

    My questions (there are many):

    In the data sheet, it says that " not lose track of a person's presence if he/she sits still for a longer time period"
    1. What is a longer period of time?
    2. Define sit still please,
    3. Can breathing still be tracked?

    In the datasheet, it says "...centimeter accuracy." My purpose is to monitor adults, so I use that respiration profile.
    4. How many cms? could you give me a number and uncertainty, please? (x+- y)cm

    Detection Zone limitations:
    5. Must the entire body (being monitored) be in the detection zone to specifically track respiration?
    6. What angle do the RX and TX follow approximately? (I've read 45 and 60 degrees)

    Limitations of Coverings (Duvet, shirts)
    7. Can the patient wear pajamas during monitoring?
    8. What thickness of duvets can be used without causing significant interference, signal artifacts, and reduced SNR?
    9. How much do signals attenuate (RX and TX) for duvet covers, mattresses)

    Data Analysis Questions:
    10. Can sleep apnea events be determined from the data (cessation of respiration for 10+seconds)?
    11. Does anyone know how the CSV file data change for REM vs NREM cycles and for light vs deep sleep cycles? (I want to monitor the sleep cycles for the possibility of integrating a smart alarm).

    Thank you for your time :)