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  1. Hi,
    There is TCP-IP support added in modules connectors to date. Please could you provide more information about this feature ?

    Best regards,
    Chouaibou NSANGOU.
  2. Aksel Johnsby

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    Hi Chouaibou
    If you set up a TCP/IP server, that is able to forward read and write, you can connect your module using functions and classes described in the documentation. With matlab and python you can additionally specify the device name as tcp://ip: port to make it connect. I will post some examples in this thread when they are ready.

  3. Hi Aksel,
    Many thanks for your reply. I really appreciate it. I am very excited and looking foward to your TCP/IP examples.

  4. Charlie Shao

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    Hi Chouaibou,

    I have attached the TCP/IP example script for you. The runs on the host connected with XeThru sensor, it fetches sensor data and workes as a TCP/IP server to transfer data to TCP/IP client.

    The TCP/IP client is a host which wants to get sensor data through TCP/IP protocol remotely, you just need to run existing examples on it and remember to replace device name from the serial port like "COM3" to TCP/IP address like "tcp://". I have done some tests, most of them can work well except the example need transfer baseband data(needs large bandwidth), will work more to fix it later.

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  5. Hi Charlie,
    Many thanks for the TCP-IP example script of py module connector. Don't worry for baseband data transfer. This is the first step and I am confident that you will improve this feature.