ModuleConnector DataReader: Read X4 Baseband data in Matlab

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  1. Hi!

    I have recorded a .DAT file using an X4M300 and ModuleConnector (Win64 1.4.2) in Matlab(2016b). Now, I want to read the baseband AP data in Matlab, and do subsequent processing. I tried using the ModuleConnector DataReader, but do not understand the output format. I found that if I plot every fourth sample in the returned 'data' field, I get something that resembles Amplitude BB data. But there is a strange quantization problem. And which is my phase data? Is there an example file for the ModuleConnector DataReader?

    LIB = ModuleConnector.Library;
    metafilename = './Recordings/xethru_recording_20171010_111744_test_recording/xethru_recording_meta.dat';
    reader = ModuleConnector.DataReader();
    status =;
    data_type = ModuleConnector.DataRecorderInterface.DataType_BasebandApDataType;
    d = reader.read_record();
    amp =;
    baseband amplitude.png
    I have been able to access the raw data using Matlab function fread, but I am interested in using the ModuleConnector. Thanks for your help!


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  2. Charlie Shao

    Charlie Shao Moderator Staff Member

    Hi Timo,
    Please refer to XeThru File Formats page 3 for amplitude / phase baseband data in binary format.
  3. Stan

    Stan New Member

    Good morning,

    I have a similar request for support with MatLab. I'm recording baseband AP data and when using the DataPlayer, setting the rate to -1 causes it to skip frames so I decided to switch to the DataReader. I'm getting a byte array from Reader.read_record() and I would like to get it back as the two float arrays and a header like I was getting from app.read_message_baseband_ap.

    Can either of you help me here?

    I would also like to convert the data to normalized.


    P.S. I'm currently hardcoding it like this, which isn't elegant at all:
    ctr = typecast(uint8(, 'uint32');
    offset = 6*4+1; %FrameCounter uint32, NumOfBins uint32, BinLength float, SamplingFrequency float, CarrierFrequency float, RangeOffset float
    all_data = typecast(uint8(, 'single');

    I also manually read the parameter file for the normalization value and multiplied my data by it:
    NormalizationFactor = 1.0; %default
    fid = fopen(paramfilename);
    while (~feof(fid))
    line = fgetl(fid);
    [NormalizationFactor,n,errmsg] = sscanf(line, 'NormalizationFactor = %f');
    if n == 1
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  4. Charlie Shao

    Charlie Shao Moderator Staff Member

    Hi Stan,
    the data you get from reader.read_record() is one fram of radar data stored as uint8, please check the xethru file formats section 2.1 regarding how to parse baseband ap data, the data you got is already normalized.