Module Connector - MacOS 1.6.3

SW used to communicate with all XeThru modules on a host computer

  1. Ramneek Paul Singh

    Ramneek Paul Singh New Member

    Link of code used :)

    I tried same code on ubuntu, it running and showing some legit errors, but running same code on Macosx, i get above thing and get stuck, No legit error.


  2. cajoseph

    cajoseph New Member

  3. Charlie Shao

    Charlie Shao Moderator Staff Member

    This example has the same function as the example you are using but has a more detailed X4 configuration process and other functions demo, so I suggest you switch to this latest example.
  4. cajoseph

    cajoseph New Member

    That example doesn't run, I get this error:

    Undefined function or variable 'islinux'.

    Error in add_ModuleConnector_path (line 25)
    elseif ismac || islinux

    Error in test (line 21)
    I'm guessing islinux should instead be isunix?
  5. Charlie Shao

    Charlie Shao Moderator Staff Member

    Yes, It should be isunix. Thanks for report!
  6. cajoseph

    cajoseph New Member

    I've fixed this islinux issue, but I am unable to run the code at even 25fps. It hangs on this line:
    [int, len, frame_count, data]= xep.read_message_data_float;

    At 17fps it runs OK, but we need to collect data at 400+ fps. On windows we could do so using radar.GetFrameNormalized();, why isn't this xep.read_message_data_float able to run faster than 25fps?
  7. Charlie Shao

    Charlie Shao Moderator Staff Member

    The maximum FPS is decided by several X4 chips settings. You can refer to below application note on how to configure X4 to achieve a specific maximum FPS.
    This is also a community thread had discussion on this topic:
  8. Sigurd Pleym

    Sigurd Pleym New Member Staff Member

    I am running 500+ fps using xep.read_message_data_float on my Mac in matlab. Have you tried the matlab script giving 400+ fps on windows on your Mac and vice versa for the matlab script running at only 25fps on Windows ?
  9. cajoseph

    cajoseph New Member

    I see, I didn't realize the default configuration had a maximum frame rate of 17.

    I am trying to explore the settings to make sure my frame rate (and other settings) are applied correctly, but disp_x4settings() won't work. The xep.x4driver_get_tx_center_frequency call returns this error:

    Error using ModuleConnector.RadarInterface/xep_x4driver_get_tx_center_frequency (line 381)
    Call returns status=1

    Error in ModuleConnector.XEP/x4driver_get_tx_center_frequency (line 209)
    status = this.radarInterface.xep_x4driver_get_tx_center_frequency(this.x2_instance, itPtr );

    In fact, none of the getters work except for x4driver_get_frame_area and x4driver_get_frame_offset.
  10. Sigurd Pleym

    Sigurd Pleym New Member Staff Member

    Did you do get_xep.x4driver_init before starting to set/get registers ?
  11. Charlie Shao

    Charlie Shao Moderator Staff Member

    This function is not supported by old firmware, you can just comment on this line or try to update to latest firmware through XeThru Explorer.
  12. Craig Simpson

    Craig Simpson New Member

    Hi Michael & Charlie,

    Was there any answer to this issue? (C++ on Xcode)