Measuring distance to a metal bar with mm precision

Discussion in 'General' started by Frédéric Leuba, Jun 22, 2017.

  1. Frédéric Leuba

    Frédéric Leuba New Member

    Hello everyone in the XeThru community!
    I'm considering using XeThru technology to measure distance to a fixed metal bar wit sub-millimeter precision, in order to observe and record dillatation movement over time and temperature changes.
    Did someone ever did something similar with the chips?
    Does someone think it would not be possible?
    Thanks, and best regards
  2. Olav Liseth

    Olav Liseth Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Frédéric,

    Sounds like you want to measure a relative displacement? The precision is mostly given by SNR and can be sub-millimeter. Longer integration time gives better precision. What is the dimensions and distance to the metal bar? Any other relevant details about the measurement scenario?