Matlab error when trying to read out Radar Tx_Power

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    Hi, I got errors in Matlab while trying to read out the radar tx_power by using this code:

    [tx_power] = xep.x4driver_get_tx_power();

    The following were the errors:

    Error using calllib
    Pointer types must match data type.

    Error in ModuleConnector.RadarInterface/xep_x4driver_get_tx_power (line 430)
    status = calllib(this.lib_name,'xep_x4driver_get_tx_power', xep_instance,tx_powerPtr);

    Error in ModuleConnector.XEP/x4driver_get_tx_power (line 274)
    status = this.radarInterface.xep_x4driver_get_tx_power(this.x2_instance,tx_powerPtr);

    Can anyone help? Thanks in advance.
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