Looking for presence detector as complete commercial unit ready for sale

Discussion in 'Presence Sensor' started by ak357, Jul 10, 2017.

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    Looking for presence sensor as complete commercial unit ready for sale
  2. Bjørn Åge Brandal

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    there are some units available in the market already, and more will come. But, as most companies, we have a policy of not revealing customer names unless explicitly being allowed to and agreed upfront with the customer. So I cannot direct you to any solution at this point. If you can detail a bit more on what exact features and solution you are after, and the expected volumes, either here on the community or by email to sales@xethru.com I could forward that to the relevant companies so they can contact you.

    We do also have several design partners we are working with who can easily take our X4M300 presence sensor, and pack it all up complete with communication (wired/wireless), and specific customization/adaption required, and deliver as complete units with custom encapsulation etc if that is a route you would like to investigate if you are looking for higher volumes of units. If so let me know and I can direct you to potential partners.

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    We are currently designing several complete product around the X4M300, X4M200. We might need to know more of your application, communication protocols, wired/wireless, etc. Kindly contact us for discussions, we might be able work on a customized solution.

    In addition to customized design work, we offer an extensive range of manufacturing services. Taking projects at Prototype , NPI, Mass production etc. Depending on your design and production plans, we will develop different level of services suitable to your requirement.