Kit for heart rate measurement?

Discussion in 'General' started by Klaus Petersen, May 12, 2015.

  1. Klaus Petersen

    Klaus Petersen New Member

    Would some configuration of one of the kit's enable heart rate measurement if the device was placed on a necklace?

  2. IngarH

    IngarH Moderator Staff Member

    Are we talking about a loose hanging necklace or somethings more or less strapped to the body? If the necklace keep swinging let's say when running it will be very hard to detect anything else than the movements generated by the swinging...
  3. Klaus Petersen

    Klaus Petersen New Member

    It would be fairly tight and only required to measure when conditions are advantageous. So combined with an accelerometer it would determine if the measurement occurred during stable conditions.

    In case you deem it possible, which kit would you suggest?
  4. IngarH

    IngarH Moderator Staff Member

    Technically it should be possible, but we don't have the kit you ask for at this moment. We do however have a roadmap of modules, and one of these has an amplifier on the RX line. This one should have the sensitivity you need. When it comes to software support in the module we do not have software capable of identifying heart rate yet. But keep monitoring our website; we will post new features as we develop them.
  5. Klaus Petersen

    Klaus Petersen New Member

    Software would not be a problem. I would write the signal processing myself.
    Also, I would design a custom PCB anyway, so i don't neccesarily need a kit for that specific purpose.

    But are you saying that currently there are some limitations to the chip that prevents me from doing this?
  6. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Klaus.. Just an interesting video for you from Hanyang University, Korea. They're using our chip to monitor both heart rate and breathing.

  7. Maxim Yachnyy

    Maxim Yachnyy New Member

    Hello guys!

    I'm very interested in the possibility to use one of your kits as heart and respiratory monitor.
    In the video you've shared the radar is distant from the body and motionless. Thus it (I suppose) measures patient chest movement caused by inhale/exhale AND heart beats. As I understand in that case RF waves doesn't penetrate the body - they just reflect from it.

    I would like to use your radar very close to the body - 1 cm or less. For example it can be fixed on a neck to measure internal vessels movements. Is it possible to do using it? Does the radar have enough transmit power and receive sensitivity for receiving RF waves reflected from internal tissues of a neck (I understand that there will be signal loss due air-to-body transition, loss in tissues and loss in body-to-air transition of the reflected signal)? Can it record reflected signals from closely situated objects (< 10 cm)?

    Thanks in advance for your answers.
  8. Olav Liseth

    Olav Liseth Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Maxim,

    Transmission of electromagnetic waves into the body is possible with the right antennas. The received energy will be dependent of many factors, e.g frequency and power of the transmitted pulse.

    We do not have a public solution for this and it will require custom development. The Chips&Salsa development kit is a good start for a prototype:, but you have to develop suitable antennas.
  9. Pauline Issard

    Pauline Issard New Member

    We would like to develop a heart rate sensor for our horse monitoring technology ( using xethru but couldn't get any reply to my message to the sales team. Which components do you think I should buy? As you don't have anything "plug and play" to measure the heart rate and as your development kits are really expensive I was thinking about getting only the emitter, transceiver and chip from you and develop the rest myself. Would it be possible?
  10. Olav Liseth

    Olav Liseth Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Pauline,

    I am pretty sure that buying a C&S dev. kit will save you money! Quite some time and experience has been put into those modules and you will be able to create a prototype much faster than starting from scratch.

    You will need to get hold of body coupled antennas to use with the development kit.