Is it possible to tune the transmit power of X4M03?

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    Hi there,

    our group are developing vital sign monitoring system based on X4M03. Currently, we are able to measure both respiration and heartbeat rate. But the problem is that when we set distance larger than 2 meters, the signal is not reliable for estimating heartbeat rate.

    And we note in the document "XeThru Sensor Emissions", it mentions the power of XeThru is 486 times lower than the regulations allow. Then, we are curious if improving the transmitting power would help improve SNR, such that we can get more reliable heartbeat estimation at larger distances. Do we have control over this parameter?

    If we can set the transmitting power sufficient enough to be able monitor vital signs in whole home scenario, we believe that would be really impressive development.

    By the way, we note on the forum somebody mentioned a unique feature of your product that multiple UWB chips can be used to monitor multiple user simultaneously in the same room. We are curious about the principles behind this. Could you please refer us to corresponding materials?

    Any suggestion would be appreciated!
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    Hi Zongxing,

    Congratulation for the functions you have achieved by using XeThru development kit. The idea of improving SNR by strengthening power emission is correct, but it seems you have some misunderstanding on regulations.

    In the XeThru Sensor Emissions document, the International Council on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) guidelines are a quite general regulation for human health protection. It is a basic regulation for all kinds of electric devices. XeThru sensor uses UWB technology and it has different regulatory requirements at different countries and area. X4M200/X4M300 sensor products have custom configurations to be compatible with regulations, including power emissions setting. For X4M03 development kit, development can set configuration according to their needs, emission power is controlled by "tx_power", but developers need to consider how to pass the regulation test for their product. Some related resources:
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    For the multiple UWB chips solution for multiple user monitoring, some companies may work on this solution, we do not have much more info can share with you.
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    Thank you for the information, very helpful!
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