Is it possible to sense a moving object using multiple X2 chips at different positions?

Discussion in 'X2 & X4 SoC' started by Frank Shieh, Sep 8, 2016.

  1. Frank Shieh

    Frank Shieh New Member

    I want to detect a golf ball's moving path, is X2 can be used to do that? If yes, can I set up 3 sets of X2 and antennas at different positions and calculate the 3D position of the ball by all the 3 distance reported?
  2. Olav Liseth

    Olav Liseth Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Frank,

    This is a scenario we haven't tested, it will depend on the link budget and what you want to achieve. It is possible to 3d positioning a object using several radars.

  3. Frank Shieh

    Frank Shieh New Member

    Hi, I want to use to detect a flying ball such as golf ball or baseball, what's the smallest object size that X2 might be used to detect?
  4. Frank Shieh

    Frank Shieh New Member