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  1. shim

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    My name is shim and I'll going to buy x4 developement kit.

    And I'll use it to detect the distance of the object.

    I have some question about it

    I saw data sheet about X4 and it said approximately 65ns are taken to get a 1 frame data and sampling rate is 23GS/s

    but according to the x4m300 data sheet, Base band data is generated approximately 17 times per second.

    that means it takes almost 60msec to get a one frame data....

    why is it take so long time?

    Can I get the baseband data fater? like 100Hz or more? and if I can the resolution of detecting distance will be deteriorated?

    please reply about this

    thank you

    best regards,

  2. Olav Liseth

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    Hi Shim,

    It is important to differ the X4 development kit and the sensor modules. The development kit allows you to set and change chip parameters as you like. Increased integration time will give higher noise suppression on the chip, while less integration and faster frame rates will give you e.g. ability to detect objects at higher speeds and noise suppression can be done in sw.

    Depending on chip settings, you can get frame rates above 100 Hz.

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    Hi Olav,
    You have right to say that, as the integration time increases, the noise level decreases. But it is valid only on the hypothesis that your system is only affected by gaussian additive white noise.
  4. shim

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    thanks olav

    it's very helpful~!!

    So how long does it take to get the development kit include shipping day?

    I live in korea
  5. admin

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    We use DHL so check their website for shipping estimates from Norway...
  6. Olav Liseth

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    Hi Shim,

    It will probably be faster to contact our Korean VAR: http://www.laonuri.com/

  7. Olav Liseth

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    Hi Nsangou,

    A good comment, the signal is sampled coherently, while noise is sampled incoherently, resulting in improved SNR with increased integration time. Non-white noise sources are still not sampled coherently and will be suppressed as well.

    Incoherent sampling of noise, integration, randomization in the sampling backend, filtering and the frequency response of the receiver will all decrease the noise and improve the SNR of the system.


    Hi Olev,
    Thank you for additional clarification on how noise is reduced in your system.