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Discussion in 'Presence Sensor' started by Emre SARI, Mar 9, 2018.

  1. Emre SARI

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    We are working to use X4M300 using I/O pins. We are supplying VDD/GND (pins 1&2) and expecting to get presence info at pin 11 (IO1).
    IO1 is supposed to be 0 during initialization as well as non-presence and 1 in case of presence. But when we test, we always get 1 at IO1. I think this is because I/O pin control is disabled by default. How can we enable I/O pin control? (USB is disconnected).
    Should we use Atmel Studio? If so how?
    Many thanks
  2. Charlie Shao

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    You can enable IO pin output by setting IO-pin control to Default option on XeThru Explorer, this setting will be remembered next you repower the sensor. Also, I want to remind you that, according to X4M300 datasheet:
    Low: Presence state
    High: No Presence, Initializing and Error states
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  3. Emre SARI

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    Thanks Charlie,