I have a question about X4XEPDistanceDemo.c

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  1. jaeyong

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    Hi, I'm experimenting with measuring the distance of a person with X4M06.

    I wrote my own algorithm with reference to X4XEPDistanceDemo.c, but here are some questions.

    1. What do these codes mean?

    adaptive_cluttermap = adaptive_cluttermap * (1-adaptive_factor) + frame_amplitude * adaptive_factor;
    distance_filtered = distance * distance_filter_factor + distance_filtered * (1 - distance_filter_factor);

    I guess it's a simple implementation of low pass filtering, right?

    2. How did you set the simple detection threshold and factor?

    In X4XEPDistanceDemo.c set the detection threshold as 0.005, adaptive_factor as 0.05 and distance_filter_factor as 0.1.
    How did you get these values???

    3. Is the X4M300 presence detection code publicly available?
    If so, where I can find it?

    4. Finally, is there any reference code to detect distance with X4M06?
  2. Charlie Shao

    Charlie Shao Moderator Staff Member

    Hi Jaeyong,
    1. The first line is part of a low pass filter, which used to filter the static objects in the detection zone.
    The second line code is used to smooth target distance output.
    2. Based on experiments. These factors can be adjusted according to your setup.
    3. No.
    4. You can use the same code as X4M03 distance demo.
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  3. jaeyong

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    Thank u charlie.