How to understand the range vec from X4M03 kit?

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    Hi, everyone:

    Here is one observation from using X4M03 radar sensor kit. The range information contained in the "rangeVec" does not match the physical measure (I am following the fast sample to range conversion using the matlab example provided in the module connector). The estimated range is consistently off by at least a factor of 2 from the truth.

    Following is an typical example (a range-Doppler map), the target is actually at 0.25 m away. But the range information provided by the radar is about 0.7 m. Can anyone help? How to get correct range information? QuestionForXethru.png
  2. Aksel Johnsby

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    Hi yu_rong

    There is a function in XEP called x4driver_set_frame_area_offset() which is used for setting a zero meter referance for each Xethru module. Setting your frame area offset to match your results should give you a more exact answer.

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    Hi Aksel:
    Thanks for your input. I will try it now.
  4. yu_rong

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    It works. You can calibrate the range offset.
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    Hello yu_rong

    Could you send me a copy of your code? I would like to benchmark mine.


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