How to set a high baud rate in XEP Application (XEPA)

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    When using XEP as a library, xep_application.c has methods that are implemented as weak methods that can be overridden, in order to re-implement the functions suitable for the new application. An example of this can be found in the X4XEPDistanceDemo project.

    But the code in the xep_application.c do not include the baud rate set fuction. So how I can get a baud rate in XEPA

    Is it possible to set the baud rate in X4XEPDistanceDemo project
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  2. Marius Lind Volstad

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    Yes, it is possible. You can use xtio_set_baudrate from xep_hal.h (located under X4XEPDistanceDemo\build\resolvedDep\xtXEP\include).
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    how can i get the range demo data in python?