How to read .dat files via DataReader? How to get recorded .dat file into matrice (decimal form)?

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    Hello there,

    I have a XeThru X4M03 radar. I downloaded last version of ModuleConnector and successfully run "XEP_X4_configure_radar.m" in MATLAB R2019b. Recording data via DataRecorder works perfectly. Stored output file type is xethru_datafloat_XXXX.dat. In same directory is also meta file.
    Now I want read back stored data through DataReader and plot only one selected frame. For example realtime recording consist from 1500 frames, and I want to plot only 786 frame and see its amplitue and phase.

    My second question is. Is it possible to convert .dat file into decimal form? And then load it to Workspace in MATLAB as matrice. I mean structure of .dat file is filled unreadable ASCII signs (see uploaded image). And I want it in decimal form so then I could plot any random cell.

    I apologize for any bad English

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