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    I would like to measure the SNR (signal to noise ratio) of the sensor at different distances to see at which distance the signal sinks into noise. Could you suggest any tips?

    I have done the comparisment of abs(avg_iq_data_amplitude) / avg_noise_amplitude, however the results are varying depending on size of object as well as positioning (if between the range bins, then there would be energy spill between multiple bins etc...)

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    Hi Arturs,
    The standard XeThru sensors X4M200\X4M300 have SNR output from range-doppler matrics, you can check on range-doppler data output or XeThru Explorer(see below picture for frequency, SNR and position of the object), the best reference object would be a rotating metal ball, which has a stable cross-section at a different direction.
    For your SNR measurement on X4M03 simply based on baseband data, it would be difficult as you have experienced.
    You may also interested in the antenna gain distribution, which will affect detection range on space. Check this document:
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