Cayenne kit (X1) How to increase frame rate per sec

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    I'm writing a Cayenne Kit application code based on RadarServer.
    I'm using default config file, "stage1/2.json", to configure Cayenne and it works well.
    While testing, I need to increase frame rate from Cayenne but I'm not sure how to increase its frame rate.
    In case of X4, there is API which can control FPS but I couldn't find with Cayenne.

    My config parameters are
    - "DACMin": 0
    - "DACMax": 8191
    - "DACStep": 32
    - "Iterations": 200
    - "PulsesPerStep": 64
    - "FrameStitch": 3
    - "SamplingRate": 0
    - "OffsetDistanceFromReference" : 0.1
    - "SampleDelayToReference" : 1.5e-9
    - "SamplesPerSecond" : null
    - "SamplersPerFrame" : null
    - "SampleDelay" : null

    With these params, I get 4fps with 6m, my expectation is 20fps@6m.
    I have tried change FPS with SalsaScope, "Write FPS", and I could see lower FPS is working but 10/12/... are not even though its default FPS setting is '60'.
    Actually I need 6m distance with more high FPS so could you let me know how can I increase fps?
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