How can i save the data? (X4M300)

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    Hi, I tried to save the data to csv When the status is Presence.
    I fixed source file.(add function read_frame from
    but, it is not working. i think xep.read_message_data_float() function can not work. How can i fix this?
    I uploadded the source code please check this.
    Thanks. error.JPG

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    Hi Charlie Shao,
    I alreay read that source code... but, I can't find How save the baseband data to csv file When the state is Presence
    I think, i must use the read_message_data_float() function However it's not working in my source code.
    How can i solve this problem?
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    I suggest you to read this MCP document at first:
    Pay attention that there are two kinds of baseband data. One is radar raw data that you can have low-level control on X4 chip, which is available for all X4 based module. Another is from the application level, which has a custom configuration for sensor module like X4M200/X4M300((17FPS)).

    X4M300 Baseband IQ data can only be saved as a binary file by the default recording function, and you can enable baseband IQ data output by using under setting on the last script I shared:
     'output_control1': (XTS_ID_BASEBAND_IQ, 1),
    Add "-r" when you run the script to enable the recording function. Structure of one frame baseband IQ data in .dat binary file is shown on section 6.2.1 of MCP document.
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