X4 How can I increase the depth(?) of range?

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    I used an NVA-6201(X2) before, and now I'm using an X4M03.

    When I used the NVA-6201, I was able to divide 1-meter range into 256 depth(range bin).

    So the interval among each bin was 1/256-meter.

    Recently, I got the X4M03.

    I'm testing the X4M03 with a matlab example(XEP_X4_configure_radar.m).

    But it provides only 37 depth per 1-meter.

    And I think there's no option to change its depth.

    Is there any way to increase the range depth of X4M03 in matlab?
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    Hi Rhee,

    The sampling rate of X4 is fixed to 23.328 GS/s, see the X4 datasheet section 1.4. A full frame consists of 1536 bins, which corresponds to 9.9 meters in air. The X4 supports on-chip downconvertion, mixing the signal to baseband, allowing decimation of the frame without losing information. The decimation factor is 8, which will result in a frame sampled at 2.916 GS/s, The baseband frame is represented by complex numbers and a full frame is then represented by 188 complex bins.

    The matlab example “XEP_X4_plot_frame.m” enables downconvertion by default. Try to change the variable datatype from ‘bb’ to ‘rf’ to enable rf data.
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    Thanks for your reply.

    So, you mean that the depth(range bin) of X4M03 is up to 188 per one meter?

    The NVA-6201(X2) supports 256 depth(range bins) per one meter.

    I think we have to consider that the NVA-6201 doesn't support a complex result.

    But the range bin spec of X4M03 is worse than NVA-6201(X2)?
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