How can I change the detection time for Presence to No presence? And also other parameters?

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    Hello first of all I am quite new on python and thanks for help me. I would like to know how can I change detection time for x4m300? I don't want delay like 50 secs. Is that possible ?
    And also sampling frequency? How can I play with this parameter?
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    Hi Mete,
    I would like to add to Charlie's comment the fact that X4M200 / X4M300 sensors are turnkey sensors and in this respect, all parameters are optimized according to their algorithms.
    In building automation for example, presence sensor must trigger presence state as soon as it detects any presence and a timer is launched as soon as no presence state is validated (you leaves the room for example). 1 minutes is enough both for confort and system reliability.

    - First of all, you can leave a room and immediatly return to take any forgotten stuff (car keys, document, etc...) in this scenario, the timer will help to retriegger the presence, preventing the light to switch off and on without a minimum delay.

    - Secondly, if you stand still after detection (when you are reading a book for example or just not moving for a while), the XeThru sensor can't immediately goes to non detection mode as it will try to lock-on respiration before confirming the no presence status.

    In fine, the presence presence sensor works efficiently with a minimum delay between detection and non detection states.
    For a custom delay, you will need to set threshold for fast-state-detection / slow-state-detection. Thus enhancing fast state will be at the expense of slow state.

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