Hi i need a presence detector which can work with Arduino.

Discussion in 'Presence Sensor' started by Ourangzeb Khan, Jul 21, 2017.

  1. Ourangzeb Khan

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    I need a presence detector which can work with Arduino.
    Currently i require 3 units which can do that i have to create a prototype. After that i may require around 100 units.

    But i need the best presence detector for a room. if a human body is present either sitting idle or moving i need perfect and best results.
    Please suggest me which one is better to use. and how soon can you send me 3 sensors which will work with Arduino.
  2. Hi,
    the X4M300 presence sensor is the right one for you. You can communicate with it over UART. Search our user forums for "Arduino" and you will find examples of how to connect and talk to our sensor modules using the Arduino. The current examples use X2M200 but it should be fairly easy to adapt the code to communicate with X4M300 instead. You can find source code for the X4M300 protocol in our "MCP Wrapper package": https://www.xethru.com/community/resources/module-communication-protocol-wrapper.97/

    You can order the X4M300 on our webshop, and it will usually be sent within a couple of days after ordering. It ships with DHL express so you typically should have the sensors within a week of placing the order.
  3. Ourangzeb Khan

    Ourangzeb Khan New Member

    Its a very high cost. I need some cheap cost module can you let me know that?
  4. What kind of price range are you looking for, that would be acceptable for your design? These sensors are the best you can get with the latest technology able to sense even a persons respiration (in fact even just heart beat is enough when not too far from the sensor). And I am pretty confident you will not find alternative radars with the same performance and features cheaper. You say you need perfect and best result, and that is what you get with our sensors :)

    Pricing in webshop is for single quantity, and pricing gets lower as quantity goes up. But if you are looking for sensors in the price range of only a few tens of dollars for 100 units I think you would have to look at other technologies than radar solutions.
  5. Ourangzeb Khan

    Ourangzeb Khan New Member

    My price is around 50$/Unit. I just need to detect a person who is sitting on the chair. If person has left chair it should update the values through wire to Arduino. Thats it if you can make a customize hardware. Please let me know. coz i know more then 100 units.
  6. You can use the X2M200 respiration sensor for this. It also outputs presence/no presence data in addition to respiration data. And you will find Arduino library for the X2M200 in our community (https://www.xethru.com/community/resources/arduino-library.36/updates).

    The main difference between X4M300 and X2M200 besides the respiration data is the range (X4M300 has 9.6m range, X2M200 has 2,5m), and more simple movement reporting in the X2M200 compared to the more advanced movement reports of X4M300.

    The price for X2M200 is US$87 pr unit if you order 100 units. So not quite as low as your target, but fairly close, and it gives you the perfect detection you are after complete with library for Arduino :) And compared to other radar solutions it has advanced features like movement metrics, distance measurement, accurate digitally adjustment of detection zone etc.

    If/when you would like to purchase 100 units you can send us an email on sales@xethru.com and we can send you the required ordering forms. On our webshop price is the same regardless of quantity.