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Discussion in 'Respiration Sensor' started by bbb, May 11, 2017.

  1. bbb

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    I want to order a respiration sensor (X2M200), but I have so questions:
    Is it possible to detect heart rate?
    Can you process raw code with your own algorithms?
    Are there any libraries?
    Greatly appreciate the help,
  2. Olav Liseth

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    The X2M200 sensor does not detect HR, but you will have the radar data available through the Module Connector library. The X4 sensors gives full access to the X4 chip through Module Connector. X4M300 is available again by May 22nd.

  3. bbb

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    Thanks for reply
    What do you mean by full access to the chip? I want to use X2M200 for wave reconstruction and consequently for detection of heart beat. I have seen some videos, so I guess it could be done with X2M200??
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  4. Adi

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    Can you please explain the difference between the X4m200 and X2m200
  5. Charlie Shao

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    Hi, Adi, basically you can treat X4M200 as next generation of X2M200, the radar sensor chip is updated from X2 and X4, which is more powerful and added some new features. There will be more examples coming with X4M200. If you want to get more access to raw date, it is wise to choose X4M03 module for the developer, which you can conduct both firmware design and high-level programming by using the XeThru Embedded Platform (XEP).
  6. Adi

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  7. Adi

    Adi New Member

    I m getting a 404 error on the X4m03 development page?
    Also If I just buy the development module X4m03 do I also need to purchase the X2M200 respiration sensor separately?
  8. Hi Adi,
    X4M03 is a development kit, and you can download XEP on xethru website. You don't need X2M200 if you want to develop your own custom firmware and algorithms as the X2M200 (X4M200 for the latest version) module is a ready to use sensor (respiration sensor / Tthe hard work is done by xethru development team !).
    To create a new sensor from a scratch with your XM03 development kit, you will have to buy X4M02 sensor to implement your code. After that, you will be proud of having an "Adi" brain in xethru hardware sensor (X4M02) for your application.

    Chouaibou NSANGOU.
  9. Hi Adi,
    The XEP for X4M03 in embeded in the kit. Sorry for my previous post. It is a little bit confusing !

    Chouaibou NSANGOU.
  10. Adi

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    Thanks Nsangou, seems like X4M03 is out of stock.Have you tried the Development board?
  11. Hi Adi,
    Yes I tried the X4M03 development kit and its works fine. You have many choices of connectors you can use according to your platform (linux, windows, MacOS, Rasberry pi, UNIX) and your programming skill in python, matlab, C++, etc...
    Please see below posts from Olav :

    Post on how to use X4M03 with matlab : https://www.xethru.com/community/threads/raw-waveforms-and-triggering-with-x4m03.148/

    Example on how to write your own signal processing on the module and have full control of all IO from the module with XEP : https://www.xethru.com/community/resources/xep-x4-distance-demo.89/

    When the X4M03 kit will be available on the xethru website, you can order it without any problem.