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  1. neilwang0913

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    Hello :

    I am currently working on the hardware setup and build the software platform.

    The XETHRU DEVELOPMENT PLATFORM board just arrived and I connect it to my PC and use python as the connector at the moment.

    I find a there is not introduction about the XETHRU DEVELOPMENT PLATFORM board.

    Firstly, I wonder to know how to test it and make sure it is working properly? I select XeThruExplorer as a reference but I cannot find the device shown in here. However, the board has been detected as the COM3. Is that normal? How do you test the board initially?

    Secondly, I cannot read the data through the connector (python) and I have setup the python successfully on my PC. I run "python record.py -d /dev/ttyS3" is that right ? and it gives me error show attachment?

    Could you help me solve these confusion and questions?

    Many thanks.


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  2. Olav Liseth

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    Hi Fz,

    We will for sure add more examples and documentation for the development platform in the weeks to come. I posted an introduction on how to use the X4M03 kit with matlab yesterday:

    Attached you will find a basic python example, you can run it with

    The -d switch tells the script which COM port the X4M03 is using, see e.g. device manager -> Ports on windows to find the com port and substitute COMPORT with the actual com port.

    The script shows how to set settings and stream frames from the module.

    I hope this will get you started.

    Version 2: Added baseband switch, example: python simple_xep_plot.py -dcom16 -b
    Version 3: Added support for X4M300 and X4M200 modules.

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  3. neilwang0913

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    Hi Olav:

    Yes, both Matlab and python work are good for starting the great journey.

    Many thanks.

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  4. dhanishvijayan

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    Hi all,
    Many thanks for the code "simple_xep_plot.py". It worked perfectly.
    But when I tried to downsample using the function x4driver_set_downconversion, instead of getting ((128*12/8)-4)=188 bins, I am getting 376!!. And plot also has two peaks. I am wondering how this happens. Can anybody show some light how to modify the code to extract I and Q values and to get the expected 188 bins.

    I am trying for last 2 days for a workaround and was unable to find a solution yet...

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  5. Olav Liseth

    Olav Liseth Administrator Staff Member

    Hi dhanishvijayan,

    I just added baseband functionality to the script.
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  6. dhanishvijayan

    dhanishvijayan New Member

    Hi Olav,
    Many thanks. Your script worked perfectly. I am getting 188 bins per frame - downsampled data now.
  7. Horst Huettmann

    Horst Huettmann New Member

    after I got "simple_xep_plot.py" running, I started to modify it... without success!
    I tried to use e.g. "x4driver_set_dac_step", "x4driver_set_frame_area", or "x4driver_set_frame_area_offset" but nothing worked.

    Could somebody give an advice?

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  8. erpeng

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    you can see your computer COM PORT , just like : simple_xep_plot.py -d COM5
  9. Olav Liseth

    Olav Liseth Administrator Staff Member

  10. Usman Shahid

    Usman Shahid New Member

    Hi Olav,
    Would it possible to have a simple sample file (extracting and plotting raw data) in like the matlab/pyhton written in C++ for X04M03?
  11. lyrik

    lyrik New Member

    Hi Olav, I have tried your script and it works, but I feel it difficult to understand the meaning of the output.
    Do you have any document describing the output signal?
    -0.12256 0.12256 0.09674 -0.12256 0.00545 0.12256 -0.07273 -0.11384 0.10806 0.04625 -0.12256......
  12. CoraDias

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    Hi..i am a new user here. As per my knowledge a computer library is there for accessing data from the module. The XEP interface gives direct access to the X4 chip and you can sample raw rf data or downconverted baseband data. RF data is sampled at 23.328 GHz and can be downconverted and decimated.

    pcb assembly manufacturer
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