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  1. Girmi

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    I was wondering what the range of output values of the GetFrameNormalizedDouble method of the radarWrapper class in the SalsaLab toolbox is.
    In the Radarlib3_main.pdf documentation the GetFrameNormalizedDouble method is said to produce values between 0 and 100. Is this also the case for the MATLAB code? Because the maximum values I have been able to generate are below 9.

    Edit: just realized that I got rid of DC before checking the values. Makes me wonder why DC is isn't removed before normalization, so that just the pulse-echo signal itself is normalized.
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  2. Olav Liseth

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    Hi Girmi,

    Good catch. Removing the DC offset removes some information which is up to the user. It is recommended to remove DC from each frame before further processing.