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    We get inquires regarding detection of targets walking in and out of the detection zone quickly, so we made an example to show you how this can be achieved. The example shares a lot of similarities with the example showcased in the X4M300 application note ( example utilizes the movement lists to detect presence with a small transition period between states. By using the movement fast metric lists(major movement) for detecting targets entering and leaving the zone quickly and the movement slow metric lists(minor movement/breathing) for detecting stationary targets the theoretical transition time from Minor/Major movement state to NoMovement should be no longer then 20 seconds. Setting the threshold for the MajorMovement state high(70%) and the threshold for the MinorMovement) state low(1%) allows for detection of a fast moving target entering and leaving while a stationary target is in the detection zone. fast_state_detection_1.jpg fast_state_detection_2.jpg

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  2. Hi Aksel,
    Great job !

  3. Hi Aksel,
    Please, what is the relationship between Fast/Slow movement metric (0-100) and doppler shift ? What is the min/max speed of the target for the module to be able to make accurate measurements ? What about the RSC feature ?