Excel macro to visualize recorded respiration data from XeThru Explorer

Discussion in 'General' started by Jongmin93, Oct 25, 2015.

  1. Jongmin93

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    Hello XeThru Team.

    I failed to use the supplied data acquisition, but Excel macros.
    Do XeThru Explorer must be running Excel on the metro has been running condition?
    If you would like to produce your own GUI to XeThruSerialProtocol Can you get the data?
    I am of Serial Data <Start> + <0xA0> + .... has confirmed that periodically comes at one-second intervals. What is this data?
    I finally want to get the Respiration pattern data in its own GUI.
    Is what to do?

  2. Olav Liseth

    Olav Liseth Administrator Staff Member

  3. Jongmin93

    Jongmin93 New Member

    Dear Olav.

    I want to get the data displayed in Excel provided.
    Data such as the State and the RPM can be achieved. But I can not seem to get a graph for breathing.
    Are some data should be drawn?

  4. IngarH

    IngarH Moderator Staff Member

    This is a bit strange to use... In the spreadsheet there is a field called "zoom" (cell N2) This is actually a index the row of the first datapoint in the breathing graph. If you for instance enter 10000 here the breathing graph will plot 2000 breathing pattern data points starting from row 10000.

    This is all in all what the macro does:
    * Reorganize the data in the CSV-file header
    * Add a column for calendar tile and calculate this based on the epoch time in the CSV.
    * Remove all zero values in RPM and Distance columns, this makes the graphs more readable.
    * Plot the relevant graphs for the whole recording (State, RPM, Distance and Signal Quality)
    * Calculate the total number of data points in the different states and based on this calculate % and absolute time in each state
    * Extract a series of 2000 datapoints for breathing pattern starting at the row pointed to by zoom (cell N2) and display this graph
  5. Jongmin93

    Jongmin93 New Member

    Dear IngarH.
    I by recording more than 1000 point "Movement" gained "Respiration pattern". But too irregular.

    Signal Quality could not be obtained even when a desired pattern is normal.
    Does diet Movement is coming from the Raw data?
    Are there relevant information is data that is meaningful to the Respiration pattern?

    I can program for the SAM4S.
    Can you ever get the base code for the ATSAM4E16EA-CU?
    (Initialization and Raw Data check on X2)

    I can program for the SAM4S.
    Can you ever get the base code for the ATSAM4E16EA-CU?
    (Initialization and Raw Data check on X2)

    There is also willing to change to a faster SAMS70 / E70 if necessary.
  6. Olav Liseth

    Olav Liseth Administrator Staff Member


    My test with XeThru Explorer shows high Signal Quality when I have a respiration pattern.
    We will release a development kit later this year which gives access to raw data.