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Discussion in 'X4M03' started by Igor.12, Sep 25, 2018.

  1. Igor.12

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    I saw that we have an exemple (X4XEPDistanceDemo) that allows we change the firmware and receive Distance values.

    But I don't have acess to an Atmel Ice or similar equipment to change the firmware from my X4M03 and use this demo.
    Are there some exemple to convert the data from X4M03 into distance values using python?

    Thank you very much,

  2. Andrey G

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    You can use `PresenceSingleData.distance`.
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  3. Charlie Shao

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    Hi Igor.12,
    `PresenceSingleData.distance` is only avaliable for X4M300.
    X4M03 is embedded software development kit, you really need one ICE debugger for your development.
    There is no ready-to-use distance example for python on the computer, but you can use source code X4XEPDistanceDemo.c from X4XEPDistanceDemo as a reference. It shows the concept of the DSP algorithm to get object distance from radar raw data. I hope you will get some inspiration.