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  1. Hanna Hebestreit

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    I have the problem, that I get different amplitudes for the ObjectMovement from different angles and different distances, but the movement of my plate is always the same (moving up and down ~12mm with RPM of 12).
    Do you have an explanation for that?

    I tried to explain the phenomena with the projection of the movement. Since I am not radiating directly from the top, the movement should be smaller with an increasing angle. My problem is: this is not the case.
    I attach a table with the total movement (not +/-)

    The angle was set as zero when the sensor is directly above the moving plate. Then it is moved away from it under an angle with a fix radius.

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  2. Olav Liseth

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    Could you document the setup? Remember that the sensor chooses the distance and motion with highest SNR.