Data for Breathing/ Heart Rate Extraction

Discussion in 'Respiration Sensor' started by Martin Urban, Nov 13, 2019.

  1. Martin Urban

    Martin Urban New Member

    i have a Question regarding the raw data, which i must use to extract the breathing frequency or heart rate, as done in vital radio. Should i use the pulse-doppler matrices or the Baseband Ampliude/Phase data? Or is both possible?
    Regarding the structure of the pulse-doppler matrices: The XethruFileFormats.pdf helped not that much to understand the structure of the raw data, can you please explain this again? Especially the difference between sampling in slow time and fast time?

    The basic question is on which dataset i should apply the FFT to extract a Frequency?

    best regards
  2. Allen Wu

    Allen Wu Moderator Staff Member

    Hi Martin,

    X4M200 already have RPM, Respiration Per Minute output. If you want to develop your own algorithm for detecting RPM or Heart Rate, it is suggested to use X4M03 Radar Development Kit. XeThru X4M200 Respiration sensor and X4M300 Presence sensor are all based on the same platform. From X4M03, you can get the base band data, all your DSP development will based on this kind of base band data.


  3. enderror

    enderror New Member

    Hello, as your mean, in order to achieve heartbeat and breathing measurement through our own algorithm,we have to use X4M03?However,we just have X4M300 and X4M200,there is no possible to
    complete the heartbeat and breathing measurement?
    If it's possible for us,how can I get the raw data?
  4. Allen Wu

    Allen Wu Moderator Staff Member

    Hi enderror,

    It really depends on what you want to do. For example, X4M200, the algorithm included can detect respiration, but not heart rate. However, it can output baseband data which you can work on. Since you already have X4M200/300, you can try it with XeThru Explorer and takes some log to see if the log files data fits your needs. For X4M03 it is aimed for customer who want to develop their own algorithm for their specific application (detect heart rate is one of the example).