Cutomised use of X2 UWB Radar chip

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    For my non-commercial experimental project, my Questions are :

    1. I want to use X2M200 which has built-in Tx and Rx Antennas as per my own practical experiment setup where I need to send sampled digital signals from UWB radar X2 chip to a FPGA board instead of SAM4E MCU as mentioned in given X2M200 datasheet. Is it possible? If yes, How?

    2. If I buy your X2 UWB Radar chip only then How can I use standalone X2 System on chip for our practical where I need my own FPGA microcontroller to conduct respiration feature extraction by using some iterative correlation search algorithm from received echo pulses using X2 UWB Radar chip.
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  3. vikas mehra

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    Some more Questions need your attention:

    1. As per X2M200- Xethru Baseband Amplitude Example ) Section-2, XeThru Explorer has a feature that allows the user to enable raw baseband output, and also log this to file. My Question Is this Raw baseband output data is a direct sampled Radar frame from X2 UWB Radar Chip or is it Processed data after “SAM4E MCU” in X2M200 Module?

    2. I need access to Digital sampled received signal from UWB Radar chip to be further feed to my Xilinx Spartan FPGA Board. So above mentioned baseband data in log file will be relevant to my requirement?

    3. To access/read above log file of raw baseband data, do we need to run matlab code (readBasebandFile.m) on laptop by connecting USB port of X2M200 and laptop? Or can we bring Xilinx FPGA Board in between path of X2M200 and PC and then run Matlab code. i.e through UART protocol. Similar to the example. of Distance tracker using X2M200 Setup given in your website.
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    Hello Olav
    Any Information regarding my Queries.
    Looking forward for your reply.

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    Hello Olav
    Thank you for reply.
    We have decided to procure X2M200 for our institute. Same being communicated to your sales team.

    Please provide 1 more info.,
    As per X2 Chip datasheet, captured Radar Frame is stored as an array of 32 bit Integers
    [X0,X1....X255] each X0,X1,...are 32 bit Integers.
    As per block diagram of Receiver, How 256- 1 bit ADC are able to give 32 bit data output ? and what is the role of 32 bit Integrator in the path?

  7. Olav Liseth

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    The internal DAC is swept, the signal is sampled after the 1 bit adc and integrator. The result is an array of 256 bins, with up to 32 bits per bin. Iterations, PulsesPerStep and DAC settings controls the amount of integration. See section 6.6 in the X2 data sheet for details.