X4 can not transmit RF signal?

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  1. kaisoo

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    hello,I have a question about X4 transmitter.

    The X4 has been powered and 8051 firmware has been loaded correctly. The Enable pin has been set and qspi interface works well. By using the x4driver. c, I can read and write PIF registers.

    The Ldo_status register shows dvdd/avdd_rx/tx_power_ good bits are 0x01, and common_pll and tx_pll are locked, tx_power bits of misc_ctrl register are set to be 0x11.

    but i can not see the transmit signal using spectrum analyzer.

    my question:

    1. If the differitial antenna didn't worked normally, the transmit signal can be seen on the screen of spectrum analyzeranalyzer.?How can I know that the chip transmit signal correctly?
    2.When I set the trx_send_every_pulse bit of the trx_ctrl_mode register, the transmitter still does not work.
    3.When l set the trx_ctrl_slave_mode bit of and trx_ctrl_mode register, and the trx_start_sync_in is driven by external signal of io1,the transmitter still does not work.
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    Hi Kaisoo,
    What's your hardware? is it a custom design or XeThru module?
    Did you check the signal of an X4 based XeThru modules like X4M200, X4M300 and X4M03 on your spectrum analyzer? Make sure your spectrum analyzer can capture the signal. UWB pulse is quite low power emission and short(1.8ns).
  3. kaisoo

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    I have got the spectrum of transmit signal.
    put the probe of the spectrum analyzer obove the center of transmit antenna.

    thanks a lot!

    I have an another question,
    what does the dvdd and APC testmode mean ?

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