Can I use X4M300 to make people counter?

Discussion in 'Presence Sensor' started by BLA, Aug 1, 2017.

  1. BLA

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    Is it possible to get an estimate of the number of people using Presence Sensor?
    I'm thinking of using the slow and the fast movement from "ModuleConnector_1.1.8", but not sure how to go about it

    I want to make something similar to Professor's Sung Ho Cho in
    any suggestions are welcome :)

  2. Hi BLA,
    The solution our good friend Professor Cho has made is based on a very skillfully developed signal processing algorithm. He is by far one of the leaders in the world in this field and it is not something that can easily be implemented from scratch. There is a lot of research and know how behind.

    The X4M300 outputs detailed movement metrics, like the movement slow and moment fast data pr 5cm distance bins, and you can use that to get some basic people counting done if the persons are at different distances from the sensor. But the X4M300 also outputs baseband data, and you can implement additional signal processing of the baseband data, including processing as advanced as Dr. Cho's.

    So I guess that leads to the conclusion, yes you can do some very basic people counting using the X4M300 movement metrics, but you can also do as advanced people counting as shown in the video if you implement your own signal processing of the baseband data from the X4M300.

    It would be great to hear from others on this forum if someone have experimented with basic people counting based on the X4M300 movement data outputs.

  3. Also notice that Professor Cho and his team now have a company that is focusing on further development and sales of the people counting solution. The company is called Xandar, and they are a close partner with us here at Novelda. You can contact the Xandar team here for further information about the products and services they can offer:
  4. Jacek Dziegielewski

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  5. Charlie Shao

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    Hi Jacek,
    It is possible to use XeThru modules to implement similar functions. Custom DSP algorithm needs to be implemented based on radar reflection data. See similar demos:

  6. Jacek Dziegielewski

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    Hi Charlie,
    thank you for your comments, how many people can count at moment/ I see 10 , is possible more/ also important is direction people moving - do you have some experience/idea?

  7. Spiderixius

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    Hey Jacek, we have been able to make counting of people possible but we are currently battling with the issue of how to count people that are at equal distance to the sensor.
  8. Jacek Dziegielewski

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    Hi Charlie, estimated time for solution?
  9. Charlie Shao

    Charlie Shao Moderator Staff Member

    We do not have a plan for this person counting solution since our engineering is fully occupied by other projects.