Can I use X4M300 to develop an indoor object tracking system

Discussion in 'Presence Sensor' started by Terence, Sep 26, 2017.

  1. Terence

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    Hi, I would like to ask if X4M300 is suitable to be used to develop an indoor object tracking system?

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  3. Terence

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    Thanks for the info!


    Hi Terence,
    X4M300 is a turnkey presence sensor. To develop a custom indoor tracking system based on X4 SOC, you need a development kit, X4M03 for example which has embedded XEP and will help you to save time as there is a very good and complete Novelda multi platform API available on this website. You will just develop the application layer part for your embedded sytem.

    Note : Just keep in mind that XeThru sensors are basically uncorrelated when they are running on a given area.

  5. Mykhailo Sorochev

    Mykhailo Sorochev New Member

    Hi! For my application I need a very accurate distance tracking bettween moving objects in th room (0-30 m). Each object can have a tag with a XeThru chip. So, basicaly it is not what RADAR system does but it also uses Time of Flight and UWB. Currently I use DecaWave DMW 1001 chip ( but I am not saticfied with accuracy ( +-5-10 cm). Can XeThru be a better solution?
  6. Georg Michel

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    Hi Mykhailo,

    generally speaking, the X4 has more bandwidth than the DW1000 (1.4GHz vs 900MHz), which means better multipath resolution. Nevertheless, their working principles are different. The DW1000 is a communication transceiver which additionally provides the time of flight, while the XeThru is a purely passive Radar without communication features. So you will need to distinguish your moving objects from the surrounding environment (e.g. moving humans). This is eventually done by Radar processing algorithms.

  7. Mykhailo Sorochev

    Mykhailo Sorochev New Member

    Thank you Georg!
    So, does it mean that X4 can't measure the distance but only capable to detect a person? If it CAN measure the distance, how can we separate one person from another? and what is an accuracy ?
  8. Mykhailo Sorochev

    Mykhailo Sorochev New Member

    Anybody can tell me how this breathing detection software works when there are 3-20 people in the room? Can it separate people? What is antenna diagram looks like? What is it's field of view?
  9. Mykhailo Sorochev

    Mykhailo Sorochev New Member

    What is max range for human detection and accuracy for distance measurament to it?
  10. Sigurd Pleym

    Sigurd Pleym New Member Staff Member

    Hi Mykhailo. The X4 is definitely not passive, it is an UWB radar perfectly capable of measuring distance. It can also be used to detect more than one person. The separation of 2 objects is related to the range resolution of the radar. However, humans are bigger in distribution than the resolution cell of the radar pulse and how close proximity two people can be separated needs to be validated by some trial and error.

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  12. Mykhailo Sorochev

    Mykhailo Sorochev New Member

    Thank you for your answer, Sigurd! So, I have a slow moving person in the room, who holds radar and she needs to see the distance to the people in front of her (let's say 40-60 degrees Field of View). There are a few people (2-5). Max distance 5? 10? 20? meters. Which accuracy in distance measurement can i expect? Can radar show different distances to different people? Can it separate human from chair? Can it detect breath of each person?
  13. Sigurd Pleym

    Sigurd Pleym New Member Staff Member

    Well , its not easy to be conclusive on the answers. However, the radar can definitely detect more than 2 people in the room if they are separated enough. The field-of-view depends on the antenna diagram. You can always choose an antenna that gives you broad field-of-view. In our X4m300 we aim to detect people up to 9-10meters. To detect people from chairs or any other fixed non-moving object you should employ the concept of doppler effect. This means you have to do frame-to-frame integration. We do range-doppler processing and we remove the static objects. This can be done in several ways.

    You can detect breathing. However to detect breathing, you need to detect the micro movement of the chest. This is easiest when people are not moving about, ie sitting quietly or sleeping. Our X4m200 gives you breathing up to 5meters. Accuracy is difficult to give precise estimates for humans due to the many reflections the human body gives and the distribution of the human body. We are typically happy with accuracy of 5-10cm. If you want better you need to check this out for yourself.

    The radar is very accurate for point targets. Human body is not a point target :) I cannot guarantee how many people you can detect breathing for.

    Sorry for not answering your questions more accurately. This is the adventure you will have to embark upon yourself :)

  14. Mykhailo Sorochev

    Mykhailo Sorochev New Member

    Hi Sugurd,
    Thank you for your detailed answer. I know this is an adventure, I've been on my way with this project for more than 3 years... What do I need to start? Development kit? Do you have software for data visualisation?
  15. Sigurd Pleym

    Sigurd Pleym New Member Staff Member

    If you want to do the signal processing yourself you can for instance buy the Download the Module Connector package and you get easy access to the radar chip using either C++, Matlab or Python. The latter 2 are super easy to do visualisation with. To get started check out the examples in the ModuleConnector package , we are also starting to provide examples on github.

    Happy endeavours :)

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  16. Mykhailo Sorochev

    Mykhailo Sorochev New Member

    Thank you Sigurd,
    what is the regular wholesale and retail prices for the chip if I decided to use it for my device?
  17. Charlie Shao

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    Hi Mykhailo,
    The price of XeThru products can be checked from webshop:
    We are currently experiencing issues related to payment in our shop. You can send your order information to