Can i get the Pulsedoppler data from X4M202?

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  1. jemin9312

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    I try to use MC
    but X4M202 model does not support sensor baseband data output.
    How can i get the Pulsedoppler data?

    and I try to plotting Pulse doppler data 3D, but i can not find MC, it is not exist?
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  2. Charlie Shao

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    Hi jemin9312,

    I am not sure if you have a misunderstanding about baseband data and pulse doppler data. They are different.

    Two kinds of baseband data:
    1. baseband IQ or AP data from X4Mxxx sensors with fixed 17 FPS
    2. baseband IQ data supported by all X4 based XeThru modules, developers have full control on X4 configuration.

    Pulse doppler data is created by XeThru X4Mxxx sensor products. You can get from under script.
    MC examples do not support Pulse doppler data 3D plotting because of the speed limit and complexity. We already made XeThru Explorer for all data plotting include pulse doppler data, but it is closed-source software for the licisence reason. It also uses MC to read the pulse doppler data.
  3. jemin9312

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  4. Charlie Shao

    Charlie Shao Moderator Staff Member

    Unfortunately, I do not have one X4M202 on my hand. X4M202 is just a variant of X4M200. According to X4M202 datasheet, it supports Pulse-Doppler output.
    I suggest you try XeThre Explorer with X4M202 Respiration_2 or Respiration_3 profile. If you can see Pulse-Doppler plotting, X4M202 should also support Pulse-Doppler data output from MC example. Just do simple modification on the Python example. MC Matlab and Python libs are basically wrappers of MC C++ library, so they do not have much difference on the bottom level to read sensor data.