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  1. Michele B

    Michele B New Member


    I downloaded XEP 3.4.7 sources from here
    Installed Atmel Studio 7, opened the project


    and built both Debug and Release versions of the firmware.
    However, in both cases I get something pretty different from

    ./xep_x4m0x_s70_with_bldr.hex (457 kBytes)

    As well as a warning about
    Data Memory Usage being 636.2 % Full (Memory Overflow)

    Is this expected?
    How to reproduce the binary in the distribution folder?

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  2. Michele B

    Michele B New Member

    Ehm, nobody with the same issue?
  3. Charlie Shao

    Charlie Shao Moderator Staff Member

    1. xep_x4m0x_s70_with_bldr.hex = XEP firmware + openbootloard. The XEP release page has introduction on how to user bootloader.
    2. No worry. That is caused by no external memory is specified in makefile. X4M03 has enough external RAM on board.