Beta Browser Based X2M200 Explorer with baseband

Discussion in 'Respiration Sensor' started by Josh Gardiner, Oct 6, 2016.

  1. Josh Gardiner

    Josh Gardiner New Member

    For those that are interested here is a cross platform browser based visualization tool for the X2M200.


    I have deliberately keep it to the minimum so that the refresh rate is good even on a old smart phone.

    It will start a web server listening at your default ip and localhost
    It is accessible at: http://localhost:23000

    There are two websocket feeds:
    ws://localhost:23000/ws/r for the respiration data
    ws://localhost:23000/ws/bb for the phase amplitude baseband data

    top is a real time chart is the respiration data
    middle is a real time chart of the basband amplitude data
    bottom is a real time chart of the basband phase data
    each of the bars represent ~0.04m with blue being closest to the center and starting at 0.4m

    Sensitivity and the Detection Zone are hard coded:
    Sensitivity=7, Detection Zone=0.5-2.1m

    respiration and sleep data is logged to .json files
    If anyone would like another format (csv etc) or if you have any problems/bugs let me know.

    The initialization is sometimes times a little buggy, you may have to unplug the usb, and plug it in again.( work in progress)

    you can get it for your platform here:
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  2. Josh Gardiner

    Josh Gardiner New Member

    I have put a community resource here.
  3. hey guys!
    I downloaded and tried accessing the visualization tool for accessing the raw baseband data which was posted by Gardiner. But the .exe when clicked to open it, just gets pop up for a moment and the GUI disappears when prompted to type in some commands. This means that the downloaded .exe is not supported in my windows 10.
    Can you please guide me from this step?
    Thanks in advance!
  4. Josh Gardiner

    Josh Gardiner New Member

    It is a command line tool, you will need to find the com port that has been assigned to the X2M200.
    once you have that, lets say it is "COM5".
    open a command prompt and navigate to where you downloaded the the app.
    and run like so:
    xethru-respiration-windows-64.exe -commPort="COM5"

    it is possible for other errors to appear, mostly about initialisation in windows.
    let me know how you go.