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    I received the X4M03. I am using ModuleConnector in MATLAB.
    I have tried to find the document to know available ranges of the values for many parameters I can set.
    However, I could not figure it out in this website.
    Do you have any documents for the proper value or ranges of the parameters below?

    XEP.x4driver_get_fps - Gets configured fps.
    XEP.x4driver_get_frame_area - Get frame area zone.
    XEP.x4driver_get_frame_area_offset - Get frame area offset
    XEP.x4driver_get_pif_register - Gets PIF register value.
    XEP.x4driver_get_prf_div - Gets Pulse Repetition Frequency(PRF) divider
    XEP.x4driver_get_spi_register - Get spi register on radar chip.
    XEP.x4driver_get_xif_register - Gets XIF register value.
    XEP.x4driver_init - Will make sure that enable is set, 8051 SRAM is programmed, ldos are enabled, and that the external oscillator
    XEP.x4driver_set_dac_max - Sets dac max.
    XEP.x4driver_set_dac_min - Sets dac min.
    XEP.x4driver_set_dac_step - Sets X4 dac step.
    XEP.x4driver_set_downconversion - Sets downconversion.
    XEP.x4driver_set_enable - Set enable for X4 enable pin.
    XEP.x4driver_set_fps - Sets frame rate for frame streaming.
    XEP.x4driver_set_frame_area - Set frame area zone assuming air as transmitter medium. Start and end in meter.
    XEP.x4driver_set_frame_area_offset - Offset to adjust frame area reference depending on module product.
    XEP.x4driver_set_iterations - Sets Iterations.
    XEP.x4driver_set_pif_register - Sets PIF register value.
    XEP.x4driver_set_prf_div - Sets Pulse Repetition Frequency(PRF) divider
    XEP.x4driver_set_pulsesperstep - Sets pulses per step.
    XEP.x4driver_set_spi_register - Set spi register on radar chip.
    XEP.x4driver_set_tx_center_frequency - Sets the frequency band used by the radar.
    XEP.x4driver_set_tx_power - Set the radar transmitter power.
    XEP.x4driver_set_xif_register - Sets XIF register value.

    Thanks in advance.

    Best regards,

    Hogeon Seo
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  2. Charlie Shao

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    Hi Hogeon,

    Sorry for confusing. You can find most of the parameters from X4 datasheet.
    There are some parameters you need pay special attention:

    The DAC settings are suggested keep default as
    - DACmin = 949
    - DACmax = 1100

    There is a discussion about fps since it is decided by other parameters:

    For the frame area,
    Minimum lower range 0.40m
    Maximum upper range 9.40m

    Just let me know if you are confused by any other parameters.
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  3. cajoseph

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    Hi Charlie,

    Can you confirm the 0.4m minimum lower range? I see 0.2m used in some Module Connector example code. I tried searching the datasheet for more info, but I could not find it.
  4. Charlie Shao

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    Sorry for confusing. The former frame area is used by XeThru sensor products. For X4 development kit, we suggest use detzone_offset = 0.18,detzone_start = -0.5. The detzone_start = 9. The detection covering distance is calculated from puls flying time. 0.18m is the time caused by transfer time from X4 to the antenna. The minus start point means RX start to sample even before TX start to send the pulse, this will make sure you see the whole frame of coving zone. Just refer to this python example to see the whole frame plotting.