Ancho Kit (X2) Anyone successful with Jessie and 160503?

Discussion in 'Chips+Salsa' started by Bill Gatliff, Aug 31, 2016.

  1. Bill Gatliff

    Bill Gatliff New Member

    I'm not having ANY luck at all with the 160503 release on ANY of the Debian releases for Beaglebone Black and my Ancho. Is anyone else?

    What's more, I can't find a distribution that uses the 4.1.18-ti-r53 kernel that's cited in the Salsa Suite New Release Summary.

    I get the same errors:

    oot@ancho-41:~/FlatEarth/Demos/Ancho/RadarDemo# ./RadarDemo
    ERROR 0x301: Unknown chip - NVA6201 - NVA6201 Chip Not Found
    at: NVA6201_InitChip in src/chip/NVA6201/NVA6201.c:128
    from: NVA_OpenRadar in src/Radarlib3.c:414

    I can run 160503 just fine on Wheezy, though, which is 3.18-based.
  2. FE_Hadella

    FE_Hadella New Member

    To see if the overlay loaded successfully, type "dmesg | grep cape". There should be an entry FE-Ancho present if the overlay loaded.

    I tested on Debian "Jessie" 4.1.18-ti-r53, and the RadarDemo program works fine on my system.

    I can get the same error message if I delete my overlay files and reboot, so this is probably related to the overlay.

    There is a folder /root/FlatEarth/Utilities/ModuleSwitcher. Run the ModuleSwitcher program to install the overlay. You will need to reboot the BBB afterwards.
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  3. Bill Gatliff

    Bill Gatliff New Member

    That proved to be the solution: make sure to run ModuleSwitcher once after installation. Thanks!