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    I want to use the 16 bin interface connector as output from the radar in order to drive a simple display (which will show the distance to the target). Im attaching the photo of the output im referring to:


    Im using Atmel Studio 7, specifically the distanceDemo code to write my own processing.

    I am not able to find functions relating to the state of the 16 I/O outputs (high/low). Could you please point me in the direction of the Xep functions that allow me this control?

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    Hi Vitali,
    The DistanceDemo is XEP binary file plus X4XEPDistanceDemo.c which is a simple MTI algorithm to detection moving target. You should learn and modify the XEP source code at first.
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    Thank you charlie, but I dont understand your reply.

    I know that if I want to send data to the USB I need to use

    dispatch_message_hostcom_send_data_float(xep->dispatch, XEP_DISPATCH_MESSAGETAG_HOSTCOM_SEND, ...);

    Is there something similar that lets me change the I/O pins?
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    Ok I figured it out, ill write the solution here in case anyone needs to use it in the future.

    using the enumeration given in the MCU board datasheet, the commands are simply:

    xep_set_iopin_control(pin number,1,2) // sets the pin number as output
    xep_set_iopin_control(pin number,0) // sets output to low
    xep_set_iopin_control(pin number,1) // sets output to high
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