Xethru web explorer 0.0.5

Web based baseband visualisation utility for XM200

  1. Josh Gardiner
    Pre-Release (aka still has some bugs/work in progress)
    This program is an open source utility similar to the Xethru Explorer but it lets you visualize the phase-amplitude base band data stream in real time.

    1. To use download the specific version for your type of computer and architecture 32bit/64bit.

    2. Extract the file to location of your choice.

    3. Run from the command line using:
    a. Linux: ./xethru-web-linux-64 -com="/dev/ttyACM0"
    b. Windows: xethru-web-windows-64.exe -com="COM14"
    c. Mac: ./xethru-web-mac-64 -com="/dev/cu.usbmodem1431"
    where -com=xxx is the comm port that you have your X2M200 connected to

    4. It will then start your default browser and load the page, while the sensor initializes in the background. (some times there is an error in initialization, if you get and error try unplugging your sensor for a few seconds and try again.

    5. If you would like to have a play you can save the index.html file to the same location as where you extracted the application and the application with serve that file instead of the one that it embedded.

    6. There are two addition data streams available both the sleep and respiration data also being delivered to the browser via web-sockets. I have provided three functions in the JavaScript to help you get started exploring.

    7. if you want to play even more running the app with --help will show you more options, such as setting the sensitivity and the detection zone etc.

Recent Reviews

  1. Davide Bongiovanni
    Davide Bongiovanni
    Version: 0.0.5
    The app is well made, but it could use some improvements, such as data logging or labelled axes in the graphs. Maybe also some controls to dynamically change range and sensitivity.
    1. Josh Gardiner
      Author's Response
      I''ll put that into the next release.